New Releases Coming Soon....(10/29) Megan Thee Stallion - Something for the Hotties....(10/27) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Racer....(11/17) Ayumi Hamasaki - Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2 -COMPLETE EDITION-....



Hey all you cosmic kitties! You've finally reached my music archives! I've created this site to express my love for music and talk about the latest releases, my recent discoveries, album art etc!

NOTE: I am VERY much new to coding so please bear with me

nocchiom ยท website

A blog filled with music reviews, new releases, resources and more!

I hope you enjoy!


(10/26/2021) Hello helloooo! Wow... for a while I've had this idea of building my own website, but i had no clue where to start and what it should contain! And one night i remembered that i have some knowledge in html coding! and then i thougt about openng my own music blog! and here we are now B) I have a crazy interest in all different types of music and feel as if twitter isnt a big enough platform for me to talk more about it.. So think of this site as an extension of my twitter, just less memes and deeper and more serious analysis of music. i need to write some more notes on the different pages that this site will contain so please stay tuned!